The following is a list of questions that are frequently asked of CSWA, along with articles and essays which will hopefully shed light on the answers. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email us at

Q: What are CSWA's goals?

Read "About Us"

Q: What are CSWA's accomplishments?
"CSWA's First 20 Years, Workers Fighting Sweatshops Here" CSWA News Summer 1999 Volume 7 Issue 1 PDF HTML
Some of Our History

Q: What are conditions like for Chinese immigrant workers in New York?
Living Conditions for Chinese immigrant workers in New York

Q: How is CSWA helping to lead the global fight against sweatshop conditions?
"Nowadays everybody's talking about fighting sweatshops. Every month brings new stories about demonstrations, teach-ins, or press conferences exposing how bad working conditions are in places like China, Vietnam, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, etc. - everywhere but right here in the United States! Instead of organizing to fight sweatshop companies in this country, these folks thing it is better to fight other people's employers in other countries, long distance. Listen sisters and brothers, if you can't even stand up against bosses and economic injustice in your own backyard, how can you tell people in other countries to fight for change? Plenty of us don't have it that well right here in the United States. So how are you going to talk to us about, 'Free China'? What about 'Free Brooklyn?' "Free the Lower East Side?' Free Yourself?!" - CSWA News, Winter 1998-1999 Volume 6 Issue 1.
"How We Can Fight Sweatshop Conditions" PDF HTML

Q: Why Does CSWA prioritize the fight for control of our time and health over the fight for higher wages?
"The New Time Movement: The Human Right to a 40-Hour Workweek" From CSWA News Fall 1997 Vol. 5 Issue 2 PDF HTML
Presentation at the New York Women's Foundation's 2001 Public Forum by CSWA Board Member Sau Kwan Yu PDF
"Not Welfare, Not Workfare: The Right to a 40-Hour Workweek," CSWA News Winter 1998-1999 Volume 6 Issue 1 PDF HTML

Q: What is a Workers' Center?
Workers' Center and the New Labor Movement

Q: What is CSWA's relationship to trade unions?
"Sweatshop Women Discuss Their Union Contract" by Marie Koo, CSWA News Fall 1997 Vol. 5 Issue 2 PDF HTML
"Why an Independent Union?" by Wing Lam, CSWA News, Spring, 1989 Vol. I, Issue 1PDF HTML
"Workers Centers and the New Labor Movement"
"Interview with Jimmy Ong" CSWA News Summer 1999 Volume 7 Issue 1 PDF HTML

Q: Who is to blame for sweatshop conditions faced by Chinese immigrants?
"Employer Sanctions Creating Scabs" PDF HTML
"How We Can Fight Sweatshop Conditions"PDF HTML

Q: Does CSWA work with other organizations?
Chinese Staff and Other Organizations

Q: How is CSWA building a new women's movement?
Read "Women Workers Should Stand Up" by Fun Mae Eng, CSWA News Summer 1999 Volume 7, Issue 1 PDF HTML

Q: Does fighting sweatshop conditions hurt the community?
Letter from a Reader: "In Praise of the Coffin" CSWA News, Winter 1996 Vol. 5 Issue 1 PDF HTML

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