CSWA is a leading sponsor in a number of campaigns. These campaigns bring together different community and religious organizations, politicians, and individuals to fight for broader changes that are needed in order to better conditions among Chinese workers. More information about each individual campaign is available on that campaign's independent website (follow links below).


Ain't I a Woman?!: The "Ain't I a Woman?!" campaign grew from women garment workers holding manufacturers accountable for sweatshop conditions to become a call for a new women's movement fighting for control over our time, health, respect and payment for caregiving work.

Beyond Ground Zero: The Beyond Ground Zero campaign grew out of our efforts to assist those affected by the September 11 disaster, particularly low-income workers living or working on the Chinatown and the Lower East Side, and has developed to become a project driven particularly by Chinese, Latina, African American and other women to fight for their health and against displacement forces.

Justice Will Be Served: The Justice Will be Served campaign unites restaurant workers fighting abuses, such as tip stealing by management, with hotel workers and other service-industry workers fighting for dignity and an end to second-class treatment.

It's About TIME!: It's About TIME! Campaign for Workers' Health & Safety organizes injured and not-yet-injured workers to overhaul the Workers' Compensation system and to fight against sweatshop conditions such as long hours which are destroying people's health and lives.

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