Beyond Ground Zero Flyer (Chinese)

Beyond Ground Zero Town Hall Fact Sheet
Beyond Ground Zero Network - March to Foley Square
Beyond Ground Zero Network

Press Release
9/11 Victims Still In Need On Eve Of Closure Of Last Disaster Aid Program PDF HTML
FEMA's Holiday Gift to 9/11 Victims?

News Clippings
Criticize Dispatching of Federal Aid for 9/11 Victims(Chinese)
Town Meeting on 911 Issues(Chinese)
Town Meeting on 911 Issues(Chinese)
Criticize the Low Success Rate of 911 Aid Applicants(Chinese)
Urge Government to Look into Unemployment Rates in Chinatown(Chinese)
Many Chinese Applying for 911 Aid Rejected(Chinese)
Unsatified with Red Cross and Government 911 Aid Policies - Will March on June 5, 2002(Chinese)
Feds Investigate 911 Aid Fraud(Chinese)
FEMA's and Other Agencies Refuse to Mend Their Policies on 911 Aid(Chinese)
Town Meeting Held in Chinatown to Discuss 911 Issues on May 5, 2002(Chinese)
March on June 5, 2002 - Dissatisfied with 911 Aid Policies(Chinese)
Thousands March on June 5, 2002 to Express Concerns on 911 Issues(Chinese)
Protesting FEMA's Unfair Policies Against Chinese(Chinese)
Protesting FEMA's Unfair Policies December 23, 2002(Chinese)
Multiple Organizations Protesting Against FEMA's Policies Towards the Lower and Middle Lower Class(Chinese)
Protesting In Front of FEMA(Chinese)
Change In Rules Barred Many From Sept. 11 Disaster Relief


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