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Workers, Advocates and Supporters Call on Cuomo:
Stop the Cover Up- Be Accountable to
Working People in NYS, Not Corporate Interests

At a time when Governor Cuomo’s administration is under federal investigation for obstructing the work of the Moreland Commission to weed out corruption, the Coalition for a Real Minimum Wage Increase rallies to demand Governor Cuomo stop playing to the interests of wealthy contributors to his campaign and start enforcing the labor law. The Moreland Commission scandal has brought to light not only who Cuomo answers to but also the manner in which he deals with the problem, by covering it up.

In the same way, Governor Cuomo is covering up wage theft. Instead of enforcing the law and strengthening the law where it fails workers, Cuomo has repeatedly insisted that the Department of Labor is doing a good job. Instead of increasing wages for workers that is adequate for survival, Cuomo handed millions in subsidies to corporations to hire teen workers, sanctioning age discrimination and pitting older workers against younger workers. Instead of increasing wages for tipped workers, Cuomo discriminated against them and excluded them.

After two months of protests about Cuomo’s failure for more than a year to convene a wage board to raise the minimum wage of tipped workers, Cuomo’s office recently announced that a wage board will be convened. While the announcement is welcomed, workers and advocates demand more than just a promise-but action to actually convene the wage board. They also demand that Cuomo enforce the labor law and strengthen the laws so that enforcement is possible. Specifically, the Coalition will demand Cuomo and the state government:

  • Enforce and strengthen labor laws to make minimum-wage hikes real. Investigate 6 years back and support the SWEAT bill.
  • Convene a wage board NOW to raise minimum wages for tipped workers, the majority of whom are women


*Annual CSWA Picnic 2014*

BBQ * Swimming * Games * Playground * Basketball/Soccer

Date: Sunday, August 17, 2014 / Time: 8:30am-5pm

Location: Franklin D. Roosevelt State Park (in upstate NY)

Bus Tickets:

$15 Members * $20 Non-members * $10 for children under age 12

Join us for a day of fun with family and friends!

RSVP / pick up bus tickets from CSWA’s Chinatown office!

(Buses leave from Chinatown and Brooklyn)

Amenities at FDR State Park:
  • Swimming Pool – the swimming pool at FDR is twice the size of an Olympic sized pool and holds over 3,500 bathers at once! ($2/person, Please bring your own lock!)
  • Lake Mohansic and Crom Pond – picture perfect fishing and boating.
  • Playground – newly renovated huge playground with climbing walls and rocks, swings and more!
  • Come learn about recent developments in our work!
*Please note there is a $8/vehicle entrance fee if you plan to drive.
You can meet up with us in Picnic Area 5B.
Call CSWA at (212) 334-2333 for more info.


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Press Advisory

Workers and Families Call on Costco- Stop Selling Reynolds’ Sweatshop Products!

Demand No Mandatory Overtime to Protect Health

Date: Saturday, July 26, 2014

Time: 2pm

Location: Costco Brooklyn, 976 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Women workers that slaved at a plastic container factory owned by Pactiv Corporation, a subsidiary of Reynolds, will be joined by other workers, families and concerned residents to call on wholesale retailer Costco to stop selling Reynolds’ sweatshop products.

In June 2010, workers from Pactiv Corp’s packing department decided to organize and demand better conditions after one worker passed out from exhaustion due to the extreme heat and lack of water. In response, the company launched a retaliation campaign, laying off 60% of the packing department for leading or supporting the efforts to improve working conditions. The remaining workers were forced to speed up production and work up to 84 hours a week, causing many injuries and even permanent disability. Pactiv then fired even more workers in 2012 and 2013, replacing them with temporary workers.

Now, the workers and supporters are calling for Costco, one of Pactiv’s biggest buyers, to comply with its own Supplier Code of Conduct. We will hold a demonstration to call on Costco to stop selling all Pactiv and Reynolds products, until Pactiv Corporation rights its wrongs.

For more details, visit boycottreynolds.org


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The Ain’t I A Woman?! Campaign
cordially invites you to its
International Women’s Month
Celebration Dinner
* Honoring Women Workers Organizing for Change *
Friday, March 30, 2012
7pm – 10pm
Jing Fong Restaurant
20 Elizabeth Street
New York, NY 10013
- in Chinatown, south of Canal Street -
Tickets available for a tax-deductible contribution.
Sliding scale: $15 / $30 / $50
Please RSVP by Wednesday, March 28
Telephone: (212) 358-0295 or
All proceeds will help fund the Ain’t I A Woman?! national effort to support Pactiv women workers organize against Reynolds Group’s retaliation and for their right to say NO to forced overtime.